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Universal Business AI Interface

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Create and Manage the AI Assistant with Your Business Expertise and Skills, without Coding.

Create AI Assistant With Your Business Knowledge

Cloud Storage

Plug in your existing cloud storage platforms—be it S3 buckets, Azure Blob, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive—as knowledge sources for the AI assistant. Effortlessly create RAG LLM applications using your cloud data with just a few clicks, transforming stored information into valuable knowledge for your business AI assistant.

On-Premise File Server

Leveraging our Zero Trust Access Technology, you can securely integrate data from your on-premise file servers as knowledge sources for your AI assistant. This ensures your data remains on-premise, maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy without compromise.

Application Data/Information

With our data connectors, you can seamlessly incorporate data and information from your applications—be it Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zendesk, or any other SaaS or on-premise legacy applications—into your AI assistant as accessible knowledge.

Business Skills

Enhance your AI assistant by integrating specialized business skills. Equip it with email management capabilities to oversee your inbox efficiently, or incorporate Pipedrive skills for in-depth deal analysis. With an ever-expanding repertoire of business skills available or on the horizon, the potential of your AI assistant is boundless.

Envision seamlessly accessing your business information and managing operations through an AI assistant, using natural language ...

Business AI Assistant Framework

A meticulously designed AI assistant framework for businesses, grounded in Zero Trust Network Access technology, constructed from the ground up to ensure maximum security.

AI Assistant for Business

An AI assistant infused with your unique business knowledge and equipped with bespoke business skills—it's like having an entirely new team that intimately understands your business inside and out.


Our Zero Trust Network Access technology not only safeguards your on-premise knowledge sources but also upholds the original NTFS permissions. The built-in security system offers detailed permission control for every knowledge source and skill, ensuring comprehensive protection.


Allocate distinct assistants, each with unique knowledge sources and skills, to various employees based on their specific roles. Alternatively, construct diverse assistant teams tailored to meet the requirements of different tasks. This flexible assistant management system enables you to tailor your AI support to match diverse needs effectively.


Access to assistants, knowledge, and skills is not only monitored and moderated but also protected against data leaks through automatic safeguards. Additionally, a built-in assistant skill is designed to analyze system activities and detect anomalies, enhancing security and oversight.

Cynthia Du • Chief Technology Officer 

"Our goal is to develop a technology that empowers businesses to capitalize on the ongoing AI revolution, ensuring they are well-equipped for the future."